Little did William Gully realize in 1947 that he would progress from a one truck owner-operator to the principal owner of a very successful fleet with approximately 150 power units in 2002. Yet that, in a nutshell, is the story of Gully Transportation.

Today, Gully Transportation represents the consolidation of at least four different carriers. It is comprised of a tank division, including both food grade, liquid tanks (used for commodities such as corn syrup) and also pneumatic, dry tanks (used for bulk limestone, minerals and silica sand) and a van division, which hauls general commodities, including industrial hardware, chemicals, paint, and household goods for several retail outlets. Main terminals are located in Quincy (which remains our home office), St. Louis and Kansas City. Still today Gully Transportation follows the motto it was founded on years ago, "Pulling for America with Professional Pride."

National Diesel Price for Week Ending: 4/18/2015

   $ 2.754

Rate Per Mile for Week Ending: 4/18/2015

   $ 0.315

Current Fuel Surcharge for Week Ending: 4/18/2015
   28.00% Of Revenue