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Road Drivers
Gully Road Drivers are our "Bread and Butter" on the road day and night getting the job done! They are paid at the highest pay scale, have the best equipment and normally get the most miles per week. They must be available to run Truckload (TL), Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight and occasional city work anywhere within our network.

Relay/Turn Drivers
Relay/Turn Drivers are an integral part of our operation as well allowing Gully Transportation to provide overnight service from points that would be impossible with a single driver.

Gully Relay Drivers operate from a designated location within our system, normally, at a location near our Quincy Terminal. They may go east for an overnight trip to Indiana, Ohio or to the Chicago Metro area returning the next day and their relay will take the load to a delivery point to the west and bring back a load for the east driver, creating a weekly cycle.

Gully Turn Drivers are dedicated to a specific lane that they operate within on a daily basis.

Gully Relay/Turn Drivers are paid at a slightly lower pay scale than Road Drivers as they enjoy more home time during the week. Relay/Turn Drivers use “Mid-Roof” or Flat Roof tractors.

City Drivers
City Drivers work behind the scenes on an hourly pay scale out of our terminals. They deliver freight, make pick-ups, and shuttle trailers to drop sites on a daily basis to keep our system running smoothly!

Our mechanics keep us “On the Road”! We employ tractor and trailer mechanics at our Quincy, St. Louis and Kansas City Terminals. The normal work schedule is Tuesday – Sunday, as much of our work must be done on weekends when our equipment is idle.

Our operations people “Make It Happen” providing around-the-clock dispatch and support to our drivers. These positions require hard work and dedication but provide much satisfaction in a job well done